My specialty is artistic photography. My skills allow me to showcase your world with the skill of my artistic eyes.

Fotos is my real last name. It is from the Greek and means light. In 1909, my grandfather, Demetrios Fotopoulos, arrived in Ellis Island, New York on a ship that had departed from Greece. The custom officials shortened the family name to Fotos so Americans could pronounce it with ease.

My love for photography began when I was 13 years old. In the ninth grade, I built my first darkroom and soon after had an art show (while I was still in high school!) From then on, my passion for photography as an artistic expression took off and continues to be a passion to this day.

I attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. I received my B.A. degree from The Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC in 1980. While a student at the Corcoran, I received a first place award from the D.C. Art Director’s Club for a regional student competition in photography and design.

Since then I have received numerous awards in both commercial and fine art competitions:

  • 2004: Best 2-D artwork, St. John’s College Mitchell Gallery’s First Juried Art Show for Anne Arundel County, Maryland Artists
  • 1999: Best photographic contribution in the first 10 years of Washington College magazine
  • 1998: Photographer of the Year, Washington College
  • 1992 and 1993: First Place, National trade publishing guides, for cover photographs
  • 1991: First place, Annual Report cover for The Health Insurance Association of America in Association Trends Magazine Competition
  • 1986: First place in Maryland State Park photo competition
  • 1980: First place in the Art Directors Club of Washington, DC, regional student competition
  • 1976: Photograph selected from a student show for the collection of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

My love for art photography began with the combined beauty of people and nature. I photograph weddings, portraits, and commercial work with an artistic bend, as you will see while viewing the photos in this web site.


Weddings and Events: I intermingle imagination and creativity in time endearing formal groupings so my photos are not cold or mechanized but filled with light, warmth, and beauty. I use light and advanced techniques of digital imaging to capture the decisive moment.

Color or black and white-your choice. Wedding packages include a proof book. You can choose albums that are simple and leather-bound or choose a montage design of my own. Wedding package prices begin at $1800.

Portraits: Sessions are either in my studio or a place of your choice, whether it’s on a beach, playground, or office. Proof books can be included in these sessions.

Business: In a magazine or a portfolio, a first and strong impression is a clear and professional photograph. Portraits can be done in my studio or in an environmental setting of the client’s choice. Special effects are one of my specialties.

Children and Babies: They grow up so fast! Capture them for memories never to be forgotten in natural settings. My sessions are tailored to be fun and relaxing for both children and parents. And don’t expect the cookie cutter look!

Family portraits: This is not just a group photo of smiles and stiffness. We have fun and laugh while mixing the group of siblings, parents, children, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. You will have many images to choose from.

Teens: Uncommon portraits are my specialty. Teens have great imaginations and I enjoy exploring what the teen wants from playing electric guitars, “flying” over Annapolis, dancing, and more.

Commercial: I can photograph architecture (perspective control, spherical panoramas) to products in studio (computers, art objects) and large groups (I had a group of 600 once).

Restoration: Bring me your semi torn 2″ x 2″ photo from the 1940s or even earlier. My authentic repair or replication of damaged or faded images will awe you. I print on a variety of media: photo paper, fine art, and canvas giclee.

Demetrios Fotos



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