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Your old faded family photos sitting in the attic, in boxes, or in drawers can be brought back to life. I leave the original images intact and copy them to digital format so as to correct for fading, reflections, and other damage such as water or tears. I then take the copied images and print on your choice of different media: photo paper, fine art paper, watercolor paper, and canvas. Don’t worry-I can assist you in selecting the paper best for your antique photograph. More often than not, the restorations look better than the originals yet without ever losing the ‘old world’ look.

I have restored prints ranging from the Civil War period to today’s modern color prints and have replicated and repaired documents digitally. Once I had the pleasure of restoring love letters that were 200 years old and maps from the 1400s.


I offer in-house custom framing and pair beautiful frames with color and black and white photographs.


I use archival materials that meet museum standards.